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Basic Floristry



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Best recommend fundamental courses for fresh learners & hobbyists. These basic course classify into 3 levels & each level instruction of 4 design style , which cover classical  table  & vase  flowers arrangement in various geometric shape composed of line and mass basic  design .

Option for student  to enrol in 3 levels at once or in just one level as taster course for developing your career thinking.

Fee charges inclusive of fresh flowers material & accessories . students may bring home their  design work.                        

  • Level 1: 4 lessons > RM900/- (mass design single phase display)

  • Level 2: 4 lessons >  RM950- (centre piece design)

  • Level 3: 4 lessons > RM950/- (line design, single phase display) 

*full payment prior to course commencement & there are no refunds on your cancellation of classes. 

Flexible Timetable for appointment to attend the classes as schedule under .

  • No Classes on Public Holidays
  • Morning Class: Wed, Thurs & Saturday  (9:30am>11:00am or 10:00am >11:30)
  • Afternoon Class:  Saturday (1:30pm >3:00pm or  2:00pm > 3:30pm)

Each hands on  session takes approx 1 ½ to 2 hours . Attending 4 classes /lessons mean the completion of one single level. Duration allow for completion of each level is in 4 weeks time base from date of enrolment.  It is option for students appointment on attending one or more classes a week,  base from the given time schedule and on slot availability  :-

T & C

Change of your class schedule book are allow only with sufficient notice given 4 days in advance. As all materials prepared are fresh flowers for immediate absent & request of  class replacement on other date you have to pay a fee for the flowers. 


此课程共分成三阶级,每一阶级各指导共4个款式的基础 线与型的单面,四面摆设花及立体花型设计.包括了桌面盆花 和花篮设计。   每一级课程按步晋级,实习由直线条开始>等边>不等边>水平线 > 再晋阶到立体花型及曲线条设计等.                                    



每一堂课实习时间约1 ½ -2小时. 上完4堂课相等于完成一阶级的课程.   



  • 公共假期无课
  • 上午班: 9:30am > 11:30am  OR    10:00am > 12:00pm  (星期三,四,六)
  • 下午班: 1:30pm > 3:00pm    OR    2:00pm > 4:00pm(星期六)

班级 / 堂课次数 / 学费  

  • 第1级  4课/款式    RM900.

  • 第2级  4课/款式    RM950. 

  • 第3级  4课/款式    RM950. 

(学费包括: 实习花材,学员作品可以带回)




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