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Bloom Therapeutic Workshop

Bloom Therapeutic Workshop

休闲插花坊 – 私人团体 /社团

  • Detail (ENG)
  • 详情 (CHN)
  • Conduct in group only.
  • Open to public community or government organization
  • Workshop can be special organized upon request in our Venue or on organizer’s choice
  • Rate charge according to duration of workshop & number of participants & lesson requested.
  • 2 hours or Half Day basic - fun with flowers workshop
  • 只提供团体指导。
  • 公开于各私人或政府社团邀请。
  • 费用按课程,参加人数,时限与指导内容估价。
  • 2个小时或半天制 ,悠闲花艺班。
  • 可选择在本院或私人场地教导。

净化思维 放松一下,与花同乐

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