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(1: 1 Coaching)

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Kickstart your floristry training now & fulfill the career that you always dreamed of

Our career floristry courses complements floristry techniques with business expertise, offering the skills to run your own business.

We have extensive facilities, including two storey of dedicated floristry classrooms and provide variety of import fresh flowers & foliage for students practical design work.

Our classes offer from introductory to professional level. Each unit is taught step by step with full explanation & demonstration guidance.

Enrollment no prerequisite experienced require.

Our experience & inspiring teachers will give you valuable insights from their many years of experience in the floristry business .

Let your skills bloom and get formal training now to become a qualified florist in year 2023.

Flexible classes schedule arrangement  -  one on one coaching.

Inquiry Direct WhatsApp +601116385467

专业花艺培训课程2023各班次 ,开放报名、名额限收、弹性选择上课时间、报名登记WhatsApp +601116385467询问。


















Career course for intention to be professional florist or floral designer in every aspect involve in floral business industry. 

A comprehensive individual training course, step by step  from beginner level up to professional skill on arranging & knowledge on handling of flowers, general operating information. Entry requisite no prior knowledge on flowers arrangement require.

(**Outstation students who wishes to attend the Diploma Floristry Course in shorter length of time are option to arrange for  intensive fast track Classes held on specific date. Please contact us)

Duration of the course/category  :

  • part time basic – estimate completion in 3 months (if attend 5 lessons  a week)
  • part time basic – estimate completion in 4 months (if attend 4 lessons  a week)
  • part time basic-  estimate completion in 7 to 12 months (if attend 1 or 2 lessons a week)

Flexible Time Table: base on under to select & arrange your convenience schedule to attend classes. (1:1 coaching)

  • Morning class: Wed, Thurs  & Sat (9:30am >11:30am or 10am >12:00pm)
  • Afternoon class:  Sat    (1:30pm >3:30pm or 2pm >4:00pm )
  • Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

* Above schedule subject to change

COURSE FEES : RM8,500/- (*price effective from 01/01/2024 - 01/01/2025)

T&C :
Fees package coverage : provide all floral materials & accessories for practical use during class. Students are NOT allow to bring back all design work and remaining materials. Exceptional on note books given to student. Students are advise to bring digital camera to take pictures of every finishing designs for own record.


Profession development class guiding from basic floristry to aesthetic floristry and carry on to business floristry . Course instruction base on international standard of principles and elements of design . Step by step hand on instruction easy catch up and understanding.


<50 design style of the following :  

  • Western Style Basic Floristry – Elementary > Higher
  • Europe/America Floral Design – Elementary>Higher
  • Wedding Event Floral Installation,
  • Bridal Floral Design Series: Hand Bouquets, Wearing Flowers,Bridal Car Decoration,
  • Opening Flowers Stand Design ,
  • Funeral Flowers Stand Design,
  • Commercial Hand-Tied Bouquets,
  • Additional - Silk Floral Design & Technique


  • Principle & Element of Floral Design
  • Knowledge on floristry tools & equipment
  • Common Name of flowers, foliage/ plants guide
  • Color Theory
  • Care ,Handling and Storage of Flowers
  • Floral Materials Suppliers information
  • Procedure on import of fresh flowers
  • Knowledge on florist management
  • Products pricing

*Course contents may subject to update without prior notice.

FDC11 花店经营专业课程


课程指导由基础至专业技艺培训, 理论/示范教学与实习并重, 全方位训练报学无须经验.以一对一方式教学. 课程制度:可按个人时间分配安排在以3个月, 6个月或1年制度完成整个课程.合格分发专业文凭


弹性上课时间可按此 课程表自行选择

  • 上午班: 星期三,四,六 (9:30am >11:30am or 10am >12:00pm)
  • 下午班:  星期六    (1:30pm >3:30pm or 2pm >4:00pm )
  • 公共假期及星期日休息

* 全砂首创花艺培训学院  国际与国家认可教学经验丰富师资群 给你绝对超值一对一的培训 

学费: RM8,500. (* 此价格有效期由  01/01/2024 至 01/01/2025)

(包括实习材料, 课本/讲议-  材料只供学习用不供取回,学员请自备相机拍摄记录本身实习作品)


实习单元: 约 < 50 款式:  技术指导由基础桌上花型开始含盖至艺术与商业并备各场合应用花艺等.课程按国际水准编排, 按步就班实习 让您看清楚学透彻

  • 基础花艺-  基础至进阶 桌面花及花篮等设计
  • 欧美花艺设计- 基础至进阶艺术花艺设计
  • 婚礼/派对-布置花艺设计
  • 新娘花艺整体系列- 时尚手花/头饰/手腕花/襟花/婚车设计
  • 商业开幕花设计- 时尚精选课
  • 花束设计-基础至进阶时尚设计
  • 丧礼花艺设计 –基础至进阶设计 
  • 仿真花艺设计–附加课/技巧应用与设计


提供相关花艺手册, 经营花店资讯及设计师工作等讲习

  • 插花原理与要素
  • 花艺资材知识
  • 值物与花卉名称学
  • 色彩学
  • 花材处理与储存决窍
  • 花艺资材供应商资料
  • 进口花卉手册
  • 花店管理经销知识
  • 成本产品利润预算


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