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Intake all year round from  January   to December.  However there will be an interval short  school break during busy festive season like Hari Raya, Gawai  Chinese New Year &Valentine’s Day & Mother’s day.  Most courses coaching  in one to one basic and at flexible schedule except  specific 1 day floral workshop.

Students may select  their  best convenience time schedule for classes base on the current schedule set as under.  Per session of class normally takes about 1.5  to 2 hours, it depends on students catch up ability . 

current class schedule:
AFTERNOON CLASS: SATURDAY: between 1:30pm to 4:30pm

The above schedule are subject to reschedule & update .   There will be no classes during public holidays.

Term of duration depend on type of courses enrol.  Student wish to speed up completing their courses in shorter length of period , may arrange with the academy for doing a maximum of 4 to 6  lessons a week   ( subject to current slots availability). 

Registration fees applicable to Diploma Floristry  &  Business
Floristry Foundation course only.
Please refer to individual course pamphlet . Registration fees are non-refundable.

Applicable to DIPLOMA FLORISTRY COURSE ONLY.  Students buy at own cost for their final exam materials .

Individual courses detail & charges  can be download from our website.  Further  enquiry please direct  Whatsapp : +6011 16385467   or forward your request to email: afetchen@yahoo.com by quoting us the Code No. of the courses you are interested in.

As academy standard rule payment must be done   before classes commence.

Diploma Floristry Course : Students can apply  for split payments but subject to

approval . Term & Condition apply 

Other Floristry Courses /workshop: full payment before classes commence.

Payment encourage to transact  by bank transfer . Receipt will be issued after payment verified.  Please take note we do not accept credit card payment.

Classes conducted in Mandarin, English , Bahasa Malaysia. Theory will given in English or Chinese on students  preference and understanding.

Outstation /Oversea students  may  easily find  Hotel, Inn or Home stay  direct near by our academy  , walking distance from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

 Room rate from RM47 to RM70 onward , tips for booking at offer rate may direct negotiate with the hotel or booking  through hotel agents like Agoda , Traveloka.com, etc  for rate comparison  

  • Viva Hotel Kuching 3rd Miles      Tel:   082-521798
  • Budget & Comfort Room   Tel: 019-8863455
  • Casuarina Inn Tel: 082-258202
  • M3 Hotel  Tel: 082-245981

Food centre (halal or non halal, vegetarian)  laundry services, medical centre (Timberland Medical Centre), banks, shopping mall (Aeon Mall) are around and near by the academy. Convenience transportation services and ample parking space.

We do not cover service of application of students VISA. Oversea students are normally granted with a month of tourist visiting visa to complete their course in the time frame.  STUDENTS FROM SABAH & WEST MALAYSIA. These students entry pass to stay in Sarawak are 3 months.  Students must keep their entry pass (white card)  issue by immigration  until departure .

Most of the courses charges are including floral materials & accessories for practical . Except certain single course, for detail please refer to individual courses brochures.

You may drop by personally for registration or whatsapp +601116385467  to enrol for the class & schedule  with us your date of commencement .

 All current  courses  open to LADIES  only age from 15 to 63    




本院常年招生. 在繁忙的季节间如开斋节、迖雅节, 农历新年、情人节和母亲节,会短暂的学院假期,除了特定的一日花艺工作坊外本院多项花艺课程都是以一对一方式指导並提供灵活弹性上课时间供学员选择。


另国家技能职业/学徒双向花艺培训赞助课程是不定期开班 需联络本院询问开办此培训报名需要申请及附带条例

学员可弹性选择以下方便的时间上课 ,每周上課堂次可自行編排,即每周出席一 到4堂课.每堂課需时約1个半到 2个小时.

上午班:周3,4 及 6 (9:30am 一 12:00am之間)
下午班:周 6(1:30pm 一 4:00pm之間)

课程期限取决于选修的课程。学生希望在短时间内加快完成课程,可以与学院安排每周上最多 4 至 6 个单元课题(视当前名额及学员进度能力而定)



结业考试仅限于花店专业课程。 视考题而定学员自付考试材料费

相关课程资讯可从我们的网站下载。更多询问可直接 Whatsapp :+6011 16385467 让我们可以尽快回复疑问或将您的询问发至我们的电子邮件:afetchen@yahoo.com  


学费需在报名时课程开始前缴付。 鼓励线上银行转账,确认收款后本院会发于收据。所有课程一次性缴付,除了花店专业课程学员有需要的可申请分月付款,分月付还附带条例

视学员的语文选择,导师采中 ,英及馬來西亞語解释 ,並備中,英理论课本。示范理論教学並重.

外省/海外学员可以寄宿在学院附近的旅舍,步行距离学院的有 5 分钟到10分钟左右。

房价从 RM47 到 RM70 起,订房议价可直接与相关旅舍协商或通过 Agoda、Traveloka.com 等酒店代理预订以进行价格比较,邻近旅舍

  • Viva Hotel Kuching 3rd Miles      Tel:   082-521798
  • Budget & Comfort Room   Tel: 019-8863455
  • Casuarina Inn Tel: 082-258202
  • M3 Hotel  Tel: 082-245981

本院設在市中心, 邻近有大型商场 (Aeon Mall), 饮食坊, 洗衣店, 医药中心 (Timberland Medical Centre) 及銀行等. 交通方便及多位停車場.


本院未能帮海外学员申请学生淮証 student visa. 学员一般持旅游证件入境学习。  西马及沙巴学员入境持大马卡即可,可逗留砂劳越期限为期3个月。 进关古晋机场移民局发给的白卡必须收好出境需要提呈.

各项花艺课程都有包涵实习花材与配件. 可查阅相关课程章程

可亲临学院办登记手续, 或WhatsApp +601116385467 安排及确定开始上课的日期

目前课程只开放于女性 年龄 16至 63 岁